Topic group 1: "Sensors"

• Wireless sensor networks
•Remote Sensing and GIS applications
•Physical and Chemical sensors
•Optical sensors

Topic group 2: “Data”

• Big data management
• Data mining
• Data visualisation
• Data and Knowledge Management
• Metadata and data standards
• Ontologies for agriculture
• Knowledge bases and Knowledge repository services
• Web of Data and Open Data
• Image processing

Topic group 3: “Decision”

• Modelling and Simulation
• Prediction models
• Multi-Agent systems
• Planning tools
• Environmental ICT management systems
• Farm management systems (FMIS)
• Decision Support Systems

Topic group 4: “Action”

• On line farm services
• Web applications
• Cloud computing applications
• Monitoring Robots
• Action Robots
• Machine embedded ICT tools

Topic group 5: “Cross-cutting Themes”

•Social Networking in agriculture
•ICT and business
•Rural economies and ICT policiesfor rural development
•Traceability tools
•Human-Computer Interaction

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